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Paloma Danger

Learn to Sew: Make a Tote Bag

Learn to Sew: Make a Tote Bag

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Learn to use a sewing machine and make your very own tote bag in this 2 day class, located in downtown Forest Grove, Oregon. 

DAY 1: Saturday, October 14 | 10 am - 1 pm

Day 2:  Sunday, October 15 |  10 am - 1 pm

You’ll learn the basics of machine sewing and come away with a finished project plus a burst of confidence.  The first part of each class will be hands on learning, and the second half of the lesson will be spent working on what we’ve learned that day.  

 Kids are more than welcome to take this class!  If you think your kid might require a little extra help consider signing up alongside them so that you can learn together!

*If using your own machine for this class, please be prepared to drop your machine off at least 3 days before class so that we can make sure it has all of its parts and is in good working order.  If your machine isn’t usable you can still take the class on our shop machine.  Please let us know at the time of sign up if you plan on using your own machine.  

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