4 Essentials for Cold and Flu Season

4 cold season essentials featuring handmade cloud mug, shower steamer, skin balm, and reusable cloth tissues

The Crud.  That's what we call every variation of cold and flu over here.  It was our New Years present this year, and while I'm really happy it missed us during the height of show season, it was not my favorite way to start the new year. 

Luckily I had a few essentials around that helped A LOT.  And I thought I'd share them with you in time for the next round of whatever germs are going around next. 

1. So much tea!  It soothes the throat, it helps mucus move, and it keeps you hydrated.  Drink yours in a Miss Isabella mug from Joye Made Clay.  Those clouds make the sickness better just by being cute. 

2. Shower steamers from PDX Fresh Start are just the thing to help clear your sinuses.  They make for a really soothing shower and when you're healthy they help every shower feel like a luxurious spa. 

3. The Chamomile All in One Balm fro Ouli's Ointment is just the thing for preventing and soothing chapped noses and lips when you have a cold.  Repeated nose blowing can really rub your nose and upper lip raw, but I promise you will not regret buying yourself this silky skin balm.  This is truly one of my favorite skincare items ever.

4.  Instead of buying disposable tissues we've switched over to a reusable version (we call them napkins in the shop but they are as versatile as you want them to be!).  This is a sustainable way to replace a disposable item with something reusable.   We never run out and paired with our Ouli's All in One Balm they're very easy on our skin.  And washing couldn't be easier- we just toss them in the machine and wash on sanitary mode.  You can grab your own super soft cloth napkins here


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