5 Gentle Habit Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Life

5 Gentle Habit Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Life
5 gentle habit changes for a more eco friendly lifestyle by paloma danger


We are IN IT friends.

This pandemic is squeezing us  dry and spreading us thin, so slow claps to you if you’re surviving it and also ready to take steps on this eco journey !  I’ve put together 5 gentle habit changes for a more eco-friendly life.  Choose one to start with that makes the most sense to you.

Find new habits for your current lifestyle to be sustainable

Here’s the TLDR with explanations down below:

  • Swap out existing products for their natural/low impact/ low waste options.
  • Grow things!  Whether you’re growing food or decorative plants that clean the air touching soil is good for the body and mind.  
  • Try to Eat Seasonally and locally!
  • Swap your toilet paper for a sustainable brand.
  • Switch disposable items for reusable ones, where it makes sense for you.

And here's the break down of each item on that list.

1. Swap out existing products for their low impact versions:

Swap out cleaning products for eco friendly versions

This is a pretty good place to start if you don’t mind adjusting your expectations for how a product feels or smells - example: natural cleaning products don’t always have as many bubbles as commercial versions.  It can mean one change that will have a long lasting impact if your swap is something you use regularly.  For example, switching dish soap brands, laundry detergent, or deodorant can all be really easy changes that have a long term impact.

2. Grow things!

Grow things to create rather than consume

You do not have to have a huge plot of land or convert your free time to migcrohomesteading in order to enjoy the eco-friendly benefits of planting things.  Even growing houseplants in an apartment can succeed at detoxifying the air- not at all a minor contribution to healing our planet.  Whether you’re growing houseplants or vegetables, asking for natural growing advice from your elders is a perfect way to support community as well as nature.

3. Try to Eat Seasonally and Locally:

Eat seasonally and locally

The majority of supermarkets today truck in flavorless products that are grown with pesticides on factory farms that are responsible for the mistreatment of farm workers.  It’s an ugly scene.  The best way to counteract that scenario is actually *not to focus on buying organic food*, but rather to support small local farms and food companies.   Small farms often treat their employees better, limit use of chemicals because they’re expensive to use, and treat the land with more care than corporate farms.  Buying local also doesn’t contribute to nearly as much air pollution from transport because the food isn’t being transported across the country before it gets to you.

4. Swap Your Toilet Paper for a Sustainable Brand

Swap toilet paper for eco friendly versions

We all use it.  We all spend money on it.  And it goes down the toilet after a single use.  Changing your brand is really easy and it removes your money from the chemical-dependent, waterway poisoning, deforesting commercial toilet paper industry.  Two brands that I have tried and love are Reel Paper and Who Gives a Crap.  Both brands have recycled paper and bamboo options and honestly I can’t tell the difference.  It’s all soft and absorbent and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

5. Switch disposable items for reusable ones where it makes sense for you.

Swap disposables for reusables where it makese sense for your lifestyle

We don’t all want to wash the same kinds of things, but there might be some reusables that fit seamlessly into your life.  For example I have 2 kids and 14 pets and while I’m happy to use cloth napkins exclusively, I can’t handle the laundry from cleaning up pet messes using only cloth. Two more easy swaps for me are using Reusable Snack Bags for outings with the kids and using my super cute Reusable Produce Bags instead of plastic bags at the supermarket.

No matter which habit change you make, make sure to choose something that feels good to you and inspires you to stick with it.

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