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About Paloma at Paloma Danger Sustainable and Colorful Goods Celebrating Color in Sustainability


Hey!  I'm Paloma, owner and designer at Paloma Danger. Welcome to my space where I celebrate COLOR + CULTURE+ SUSTAINABILITY!  Yup that's definitely a pun because I'm not only here to make and sell bright and happy eco-friendly goods but also to highlight and uplift women of color doing the ancestral work of sustainable living.  

I've been at this work for over a decade and in that time I have learned 2  important things:

1.  Eco Friendly marketing ignores women of color 99% of the time. Using models of color in advertising isn't a replacement for taking us into consideration when creating products.  The natural market is also a huge perpetrator of cultural appropriation. 

2.  The GUILT!  Eco-guilt is a thing and it's a function that mostly serves capitalism, not the planet.  Just like making women feel badly about their bodies sells clothes, foods, and pills that claim to make women more confident, the green movement is responsible for shaming consumers into buying things they don't like, won't use, and don't need in order to soothe the guilt that the movement itself created.  It's not fucking cool. 

I am here to support making sustainable living FUN and natural to your lifestyle.  You don't have to reinvent yourself in order to make a positive impact where you can.  Follow along on this crunchy Xicana's sustainable journey and check in on what's going on over at the PD Instagram HQ. 


I believe that sustainable living should feel good and fit the needs of your lifestyle.



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