Forever Sponge FAQ

Here are the top questions we get about our reusable cotton Forever Sponges.  If you have a question you don't see here, feel free to drop me a note!

How long do Forever Sponges last?

It depends on how pretty and fresh you like your sponges to stay, but a single Forever Sponge 

can last up to 10 years.  Your sponge will look pretty raggedy by then, but it will still retain its usefulness long after it stops looking bright and pretty. If you prefer a pretty sponge by the sink, I recommend buying a new sponge whenever you want a kitchen refresh! A fresh sponge is a great way to mark the seasons, coordinate your decor, or just add a spark of joy to your day.

How many disposables does a Forever Sponge replace?

If replacing your sponge every 2 weeks, a Forever Sponge will eliminate 26 disposables per year, x 10 years = 260 disposables saved from the landfill.

What can I wash with a reusable sponge?

Anything your heart desires!  Just like a disposable sponge, you can wash dishes, wipe counters, clean table spills, or any other sponge-like job.  However, unlike commercial sponges, you can also use them as body sponges!  Because they’re made from 100% cotton they’re incredibly soft, absorbent, and versatile.  

How Do I wash reusable cotton sponges?

Put them in the washing machine with like colors and wash on regular the setting of your choice. High heat/ sanitize mode are fine.  For an extra clean sponge add ¼ cup white vinegar to the wash.  Do not bleach your sponges or they’ll lose their lovely color as well as deteriorate more quickly than normal.  

The lazy way to wash your reusable sponge is to purchase colors that match your kitchen or bath towels so that you can toss them in the wash whenever you do towel laundry. 

Don’t they carry germs?

Considering that a disposable sponge cannot be fully sanitized, reusable cotton sponges are actually the more hygienic option.  Recent research finds that the bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses survive even if you microwave them.   Washing a cotton sponge in sanitary mode is a much safer way to fully eliminate bacteria since cotton can be washed at very high temperatures. 

Can I put them in the dishwasher?

I don’t recommend this. Technically you can do this and no harm will come to the sponge, but it’s kind of like putting underwear or clothing items in the dishwasher.  Kind of yuck, right?  Our reusable dish sponges are made from 100% cotton, just like many clothing items.  So putting a reusable sponge in the dishwasher is like putting a t-shirt in the dishwasher.  

Just like clothing or bath towels, your Forever Sponge should go in the washing machine and can go right into the dryer afterwards.  Wash on high heat or sanitary mode if you prefer.  Be sure to wash with like colors, since some darker colors of cotton yarn will bleed.  Pro Tip:  buy sponges that match your kitchen or bath towels so you can wash all together. 

How many sponges should I buy to start with?

Whether you use your dishwasher a ton or just a bit I always recommend buying a pack of 3 sponges.  You’ll have 1 for the sink, 1 in the laundry, and 1 extra for odd jobs or to use in another room (Sponges work great in bathrooms too!).

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