How Often to Replace Dish Sponges

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When was the last time you swapped out your kitchen sponge?  If the answer is “Ummmm, you’re supposed to swap it out?”  we need to talk.  Science, Our Lady Martha Stewart, and yours truly all recommend that you do yourself a favor and replace your sponge every 2 weeks, or less if it’s stinky or has been used for anything extra gross.  

Now if you’re still using disposable sponges you can get a little bit of extra life out of them by always wringing out your sponge between uses.  For a refresh, try fully submerging your sponge in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water and microwaving for 1 minute on high.  Let it fully cool before taking it out of the water, giving it a good squeeze, and letting it air dry.  

An even better solution, however, is to ditch disposable sponges for good and replace them with reusable cotton sponges, like our best selling Forever Sponges.  Disposables can only be revived so many times before they really are garbage.  And guess what, friend.  Even though you throw it away it will add to landfill waste, which accounts for ozone-depleting greenhouse gasses like methane.  There’s a better way.  Instead of using disposable sponges you can eliminate germs *and* landfill waste by switching to a machine washable, biodegradable sponge.  

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What about reusable foam and fabric sponges?

Any reusable sponges is usually a better option than a disposable sponge.  However, not all reusable sponges are equal.  Many eco-friendly dish sponges are made with non-biodegradable foam, nylon, or other synthetic materials.  And that means that once they’re no longer useful to you they end up exactly where disposables end up:  the landfill.  Instead, choose 100% biodegradable options, like our colorful cotton Forever Sponges.

What makes cotton sponges better than other kinds of reusable sponges?

They’re machine washable and biodegradable.  That means during its lifetime a single Forever Sponge can replace up to 260 disposable sponges*, and continue to benefit the planet by being composted even after you stop using it.

*A single sponge can last up to 10 years.  If replacing your sponge every 2 weeks, a Forever Sponge will eliminate 26 disposables per year, x 10 years = 260 disposables saved from the landfill.

And at the end of their useful life, our eco-friendly Forever Sponges can be composted even in a backyard compost bin.  They will return to the earth, and become food for the microorganisms that generate rich new soil, in which we can continue to grow plants, food, or cotton for more sponges!


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How do Forever Sponges work?

They’re hand knit cotton sponges, made from USA grown cotton yarn.  They work just like a disposable sponge, but instead of tossing them every 2 weeks you can just pop them in the washing machine.  Wash with towels on a regular or sanitary setting and then toss them in the dryer.  That’s it.  


Sink with colorful dishes and Paloma Danger Forever Sponges in pastel colors

How do I wash them?

Rinse out any food gunk, squeeze the extra water out of your cotton sponge, and then toss in the washing machine with like colors.  You can wash on a regular setting or you can use sanitary/sanitize/ high heat.  It’s entirely up to you.  Avoid using bleach as this will discolor your beautiful sponges.  Cotton sponges do bleed color the first few uses, just like your dark jeans, or any other dyed cotton.  Some colors bleed more than others, and this does go away after the first few uses.  Other than this, just toss in the dryer with like colors after washing.  Use as normal and repeat every couple of weeks.  

Can I put them in the dishwasher?

Because our sponges are made of 100% cotton we recommend putting our reusable sponges in the washing machine, just like you would any cotton towel or clothing item.  Putting them in the dishwasher is kind of like putting a t-shirt or a pair of underwear in the dishwasher- the results are questionable and not super cute. A washing machine is just way better.  

Where can I get cotton sponges?

Buy 100% cotton Forever Sponges HERE.  

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