Introducing our PRIDE! Mini Collection

Introducing our PRIDE! Mini Collection

We all deserve safety, love, and acceptance. And more than that, we all deserve to THRIVE!

Sustainable or eco-friendly living is not just for looks.  It's not a popularity club.  It's a commitment to each other and this planet to support the health of our home and its inhabitants.  This Pride Month Paloma Danger is excited to launch our first Mini Collection dedicated to our LGBTQ+ friends, family, and community members. We're calling it the PRIDE! Mini Collection.

We have 4 new products and $3 from the purchase of any and every one of them goes to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth in crisis. 

While I have limited quantities of these fabulous reusables in stock, I would love nothing more than to continue this project forward!  So tell your mom and dad and cousins who want to shop reusables and also support a fantastic organization to come shop!

Pride Mini Collection featuring reusable snack bags and napkins in pride colors and prints
For our first PRIDE! Mini Collection we're proud to present 2 Reusable Snack Bag prints and 2 styles of Reusable Napkins.  Each features the easy machine washing and casual, fun styles you know and love from Paloma Danger. 
We absolutely LOVE this fun print called "The Gayborhood", which is a happy blue, covered in fun faces of all styles, colors, and shapes.  Um, I want to live there, don't you?!
Our second eco-friendly snack bag set in the PRIDE! Mini Collection is this super fun candy-pink fabric covered in Pride flag rainbows.  Some rainbows are the traditional 6 color Pride rainbows, and some are light pink, baby blue, brown and black, which represent trans and people of color.  I just love this print!
reusable napkins in Pride rainbow colors
Rainbow color napkins are a total must this month!  This fun set comes with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple napkins! 
Reusable napkins covered in pride flags
Our second napkin set in the PRIDE! Mini Collection features hearts and flags that represent gender and sexual identities.  They remind us that we are all together, and that we're all deserving of love just as we are. Visibility matters, and we are really happy to share these flag napkins with you!
Make sure you shop our PRIDE! Mini Collection HERE.
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