Paloma Danger Celebrates All Things SUSTAINABLE + COLORFUL

Paloma Danger studio wall
In an oatmeal-colored world of muted and neutral tones, Paloma Danger seeks to make space for those on an earth friendly journey who simply can't live without the joy of bright colors or the vibrancy of their own colorful heritage. Paloma Danger is a Latina-owned handmade brand that supports women of color in the field of sustainability.
I want to shout from the rooftops that you can be a vibrant and colorful person who is proud of your culture while also being earth friendly

Our Values

Being Judgement-Free.

Paloma Danger is all about meeting each person where they are right now.  Sustainability looks different for all of us and that is a very beautiful thing.  This earth cannot heal if we all take the exact same path.  No matter where you are on your journey, we're here for you. 

Honoring our Ancestors, While Living in the Here and Now.

Our grandparents and those before them were more connected to this earth than we are in modern times.  And they also faced challenges that don't always exist for us now. Conversely, today we have some barriers and challenges that didn't exist for those who came before us.  Paloma Danger believes in looking to our ancestors for inspiration even as we move through daily lives that look very differently from theirs.  

Supporting Women of Color.

I aim to work with other businesses owned by women, especially women of color, whenever possible.  My goal is to maintain our values and ethics not just on the forward facing side of things, but also behind the scenes. From graphic design to photography to legal work to where we purchase raw materials, I promise to work with women of color first.

Reclaiming Space for Women of Color as Leaders of Sustainable Living.

As descendants of colonized people, women of color have a unique relationship with sustainability that is rarely represented in the mainstream green movement.  We come from vibrant cultures whose practices, foods, religions, and identities have been stolen, muddled, packaged and resold.  But we're also part of this modern culture here and now.  We can't go back in time but we can reclaim our right to celebrate our sustainable practices while being unapologetically modern. One of my biggest goals is to create a space for that vibrant blend of ancestral earth knowledge +  modern femme power to thrive.

My Story

Paloma Danger was created by me, Ixchel Paloma Lechuga.  I have been a maker for 17+ years.  I'm from San Fernando, California and I've lived up and down the West Coast and also in Tokyo, Japan, bringing my accessories business, Polly Danger, with me.  Along the way I started making sustainable goods for myself and started selling those instead of the accessories I started the business with.
As I became part of the sustainable movement, I discovered not only a lack of representation for all people of color in the green movement, but homogenization and harsh judgement for those who dare to step outside its oatmeal-colored boundaries. 
This was a big problem for a color loving Latina like me.  So I just started making and finding sustainably made things that made me happy. Over time it became more and more clear to me that my business name, Polly Danger, was hiding something that's already overlooked in the sustainable community:  my culture and heritage.
Not only is color and vibrancy missing from the sustainable community, but also acknowledgement and respect for cultural differences.  So I decided to create that space.  Welcome to Paloma Danger!

About Me

About Paloma Danger
  • I love period dramas, British murder mysteries, and telenovelas, and painted nails.  My family is a lot like the de la Mora family in La Casa de las Flores, except not rich. Or maybe I just imagine it that way.  Anyway I'd be part of that family for sure.
  • I've had my septum pierced since 2005 and I was listening to Mariah Carey while it got pierced in a tattoo shop near Ueno Park in Tokyo.
  • I'm an animal lover and a micro-homesteader when I'm not being lazy.
  • I have 2 incredibly cool kids who have no idea how much I look up to them.
  • I'm married to my red-headed half Jewish high school sweetheart  who we long ago decided is honorary Mexican and who Grandmalina named Santo Eric.  It's true, he is.