Honoring Farm Workers

Paloma Danger will contribute ten percent of reusable produce bag sales to organizations that support farm workers

As a 3rd generation Mexican American the relationship between agricultural labor and food in the United States is deeply ingrained in my family story*.  Farmworkers in this country have a long history of being exploited and mistreated and I feel deeply that no matter what your diet is, we all have a responsibility to care for those who care for and harvest our food. 

Beginning March 31, Cesar Chavez Day, I pledge to commit 10% of Reusable Produce Bag sales** to organizations that support farm workers.  I'll be sharing these numbers publicly on this site on the 1st of every month, starting May 1, 2022.

Today my business is very, very small but as I grow I know that so will my contributions. 

*  According to the USDA farm labor demographics, agricultural laborers today are 64% Latinx (57% are Mexican).  I don't know any Mexican American people who do not have a connection to farm workers in some form or another.  If you'd like to find out more about farm worker demographics you can read that information here

** This applies to purchases made directly from this site as well as purchases made at in person markets and shows.  It does not include donations from wholesale orders.  I will also contribute a percent of donations based on wholesale orders, but for the sake of clarity those numbers will not be included in my monthly reported donations.