Paloma Danger Handmade Values

As a working and busy mom I have come to value convenience in a way I had no idea was possible.  Getting my shopping all done in one place is a necessary part of my life, and I appreciate that I don't have to sew every article of  clothing by hand or grow every single thing I eat in my own backyard. 

Consumer culture is part of the life we share on this planet at this moment in time.  And unlike a lot of people in the sustainable world I don't believe it's a dirty word. 

It's against the backdrop of mass produced goods that handmade things become even more special. 

I think it's because handmade things are inherently touched by another human being.  They are infused with some unspoken essence that's intangible and yet completely obvious to anyone who holds and uses them.  I believe that essence is love.  In a mass produced world it takes intention, time, and love of the act of creating to make a thing. 

When you hold a handmade object there is a definite connection between whoever made that object and you, the person now touching it.  That's what makes handmade things so exciting and lovely to own and give to others.  It's why I create.  It's why I started this business and why I support other makers.  Because I'm basically sharing LOVE.

 Handmade means Lovemade