Seeking Sewing Contractors

Thanks so much for your interest in sewing for Paloma Danger!  Please read this page before replying to my email so we can schedule time to meet.

Paloma Danger is currently seeking independent contractors to fulfill sewing and knitting assignments.  As an independent contractor you will be responsible for piecework and/or assembling products in your own home and within your own schedule.

Employment commitment:
This is an independent contractor collaboration.  You will not be an employee of the business, so there's no insurance or tax withholding.   Sewing will vary throughout the year depending on demand and hours will be determined between yourself and Paloma Danger.

Pay will be $15 per hour.  If you prefer to be compensated by piece (busy mamas sometimes don't get full hours to work), let me know and we can calculate how many pieces you can make in one hour and go from there.

Reporting time/piece work:
Contractors will pick up cut fabric and return sewn items on the same day each week.  They will record finished work via Trello and will be paid within 48 hours of returning pieces so that Paloma has time to review quality and double check item counts.  *Trello is an online organizational tool that is pretty simple to use. We'll go over this during training.   

Attention to detail and quality work is essential.  Some mistakes are expected but consistent quality issues may alter paid price per piece.

Inability to complete work:
In the case that you are unable to complete the pieces given to you, simply record what you were able to complete and hold on to cut pieces as well as finished pieces until the following week.  Payment will be 48 hours after drop off. 

There is a contract to sign in which we both agree that you are an independent contractor and  not an employee and that outlines our working relationship.  This contract also protects my designs and clarifies that you are not subject to my direction other than as it regards to fulfilling sewing piece work.