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Forever Sponges in Vivid Shades

Forever Sponges in Vivid Shades

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A set of our classic reusable cotton sponges in vivid blue, hot pink, and mustard yellow.  Forever Sponges are the perfect combination of sustainable and fun.  

Use a sponge for each cleaning job or keep all 3 sponges in rotation for use in one room. Our reusable sponges are biodegradable and long lasting- the perfect solution to almost any daily cleaning task.

Why are they called Forever Sponges?  Well it feels like they last forever- one sponge lasts up to 10 years. But we also call them that because they’re made from cotton, which is a plant.  Once your sponge has outlived its life it can be composted and return to the soil from which it came, thus closing a circle that can continue forever

Forever Sponges are made from 100% USA grown cotton and hand knit in Oregon, making them an ethical as well as eco-friendly choice.

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