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7 Days of Sponges

7 Days of Sponges

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Seven zero waste dish sponges in a rainbow of colors, each one machine washable and completely biodegradable.  There's no need to choose between love of color and love for planet with this joyful set of easy care cotton sponges. 

Forever Sponges work great at the sink, in the shower, for wiping countertops, or any other application where a sponge might be needed.  Unlike disposables, however, these sponges are machine washable and dryable and will never ever need to end up in a landfill.

Made from 100% cotton yarn, which makes them biodegradable, easy care, and incredibly hard working. Give these as a gift or or keep them for yourself.  Individual sponges are $16 each, which makes this set a fantastic value and a fabulous long term investment for yourself and the planet!

- Zero waste sponges
- Made from 100% USA grown cotton
- Machine washable
- Biodegradable
- Happy colors, perfect for gift giving

Forget disposable sponges and reusable sponges made of synthetic materials that will end up in the landfill.  Not only are these biodegradable sponges joyful and fun but they’re easy care and low maintenance.  Simply pop your sponge in the washing machine once a week and dry in the dryer and you’ll never have a stinky sponge again!  

Air dry between uses (have you seen our sponge rests?).  Machine wash and dry as needed or weekly.  Color may bleed for first few uses.  This is normal.  Machine wash with like colors.
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