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Paloma Danger

Zero Waste Scrub Set in Pink

Zero Waste Scrub Set in Pink

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Give them a gift that’s as joyful as it is practical and sustainable. This Pink Scrub Set features a Forever Sponge, an Escobeta Scrubber, and a bamboo Sponge Rest, all packaged up in a sweet giftable bundle.

About Forever Sponges: Made from 100% USA-grown cotton, these sponges are as long lasting as they are biodegradable. 

About Escobeta Scrubbers:  Escobetas are incredibly long lasting and gentle on pots and pans.  They’re made from the roots of the zacaton plant, which is native to Latin America.  Each escobeta is hand wrapped in Peruvian wool.



Forever Sponge- **Colors may bleed for the first few uses.  This is normal**. Air dry between uses. Machine wash with like colors.  Machine dry.  Do not bleach.   Sponges will shrink in the dryer and loosen back up to normal size when wet.

Escobeta Scrubber- Air dry between uses.  Soak in 50% white vinegar/ 50% water if extra cleaning is needed.  Do not bleach.

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