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Lacy Scalloped Reusable Produce Bag Set of 3 Bags

Lacy Scalloped Reusable Produce Bag Set of 3 Bags

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A set of 3 bags that will fill your heart with whimsical joy every time you use them. Shopping for produce has never been this pretty.  This set comes with lacy scalloped edges and a sleek elastic band closure. 

Instead of messy drawstrings these bags close up with an elastic band, just like wrapping a ponytail.  This completely unique system allows you to easily open and close your bags without fuss or tangled cords. 

Your Reusable Produce Bags will come serged with a quality finish and are made to stand the test of time. And guess what!  They're not just for produce.  You might just end up finding a gazillion uses for them, like holding lunch snacks, packing clothes, organizing your purse, holding seeds, airing bath toys ... you get the idea. 


  • 11″ x 14″
  • Lacy fabric may vary from the pattern in the picture
  • Sleek elastic band closure is easy to use
  • Helps you keep single use plastics out of the landfill- an easy green swap

Easy care:  Just wash with a bit of dish soap and let air dry with your dishes.  Machine washing is fine too, but air dry for the longest life of your bag. 

* A percentage of every sale of Reusable Produce Bags goes to organizations that support farm workers.  You can find out more HERE

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